Create & Thrive Guide: Getting Started With Social Media

A Create & Thrive Guide

For some of us, social media is something we've been using for many years to market our businesses. However, there are still plenty of us who are not quite sure about it - why we should use it, which social media will work for us, and how to get started.

This Guide is for YOU.

In this 65-page e-book I cover the 'Big 4' social media: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest & Instagram. I also spend a good amount of time covering the WHY - why you should use social media, why it works, and why it's a vital part of modern marketing - especially for small online business.

Of course, I also give you lots of easy-to-implement, practical action steps to get you going!

If you've ever wanted to start using social media, but were overwhelmed - or if you've found yourself disillusioned by social media, this guide will give you the Who, What, Why, How and When of each of the Big 4, as well as a 'Getting Started' guide for each that will have you up and running in very little time.


Praise for 'Getting Started with Social Media':

"This e-book is awesome! It made me really think about the way that I have and have not done a lot of things with social media, and made me understand some of the decisions that I have made with social media (some things I just did because they made sense to me, and I always wondered if I was thinking the way that others were thinking).

At this time last year I really had no presence with social media and have been growing it slowly, especially with Twitter and Pinterest. I have been staying away from Instagram and after reading this e-book, I am going to try it."

~ Jackie - Kurbaga Artisans


"It's definitely a great read for people starting out in social media - and for people like me who've tried it and been a little disillusioned...!"

~ Tasha Chawner - Made by Tasha Chawner


Jess Van Den

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