How to Sell More at Markets & Shows

Do you struggle to make sales at craft markets and shows?

Do you wonder how that person across the aisle walks away with a bumper profit while you’re left barely covering the market fee?

Chances are, it’s because they’ve learnt how to become an effective salesperson.
In order to sell more, you need to learn down-to-earth, authentic strategies to:

- engage your customer;
- make them feel good;
- show them why what you sell will make their lives better;
- encourage them to fall in love with your brand, and;
- hand over their money feeling like THEY have come out on top of the transaction.

‘Sales’ and ‘selling’ can be scary words for those of us who have no experience – we’re afraid of annoying people, as coming across as sleazy or pushy – but selling doesn’t have to be that way at all.

This self-study e-course will teach you what you need to know to not only become an effective salesperson – but to actually even relax into and enjoy the process!

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